VenScan-LMSVenScan LMS XS

VenScan LMS XS

Automated moisture test and grammage determination for web-shaped materials in compact product lines, i.e. decorative paper, foil, impregnated paper.
The more commonly known model, VenScan LMS, is already well approved, based on the exact and reliable microwave measuring technology for grammage and moisture testing systems.
For an application in smaller and tighter product lines the linear motion units as well as the sensor have been essentially minimized.
Field of application:

  • Contactless
  • With automated motion unit
  • Product temperature range : 0- 70° C – higher temperatures on demand

VenScan LMS

combines the proven measuring system VenScan with the automated manipulator unit named LinearMotionSystem (LMS). LMS had been designed to be used for impregnated papers such as overlays, laminate and decorative paper


  • In-Line measurement
  • exact measurement due to high water selectivity
  • independent from layer thickness and density
  • non-contacting


VenScan LMS XS
VenScan LMS in production of decorated Paper
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