Our History

1994 – 2014:

20 Years of Experience – A Reason for Choosing Us

Our success story began on 09.05.1994:
Since then, Döscher & Döscher GmbH has grown from strength to strength.
Today, Döscher & Döscher is a global player in the field of industrial moisture measurement technology.
Hand in hand with AMS Advanced Microwave Systems GmbH, who develop and manufacture the measuring systems, we are constantly finding new applications for this technology.
We are proud to say that our high product quality, precision and strategy are tried and trusted.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to our loyal customers who appreciate the special services we offer.
We are looking forward to many more exciting projects.
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The company, founded by Claas Döscher and Jörn Döscher in Hamburg, has been working in the field of industrial measurement systems since 1994.

In the first 7 years of consulting and engineering, the company acted as agents for other manufacturers and integrated their measurement systems into the production plants of our customers.
In 2001, due to the experience gained by Döscher & Döscher by this time, and in co-operation with the chair of high-frequency engineering of the CAU/Kiel (another measuring system laboratory), they were able to develop technology for devices apart from moisture testing & density measurement. This new technology represents the current state of the art.

The company, since then, has become steadily larger. With AMS, Advanced Microwave Systems GmbH, a joint enterprise of Jörn and Claas Döscher and Professor Dr. Knöchel which develops and produces the measuring instruments based on microwaves, the areas of application for this technology are constantly being extended. AMS’s specialized team maintains its focus on further developing new microwave technology.

From the outset of the company, apart from measuring systems for moisture test in production or in the laboratory, special variants (e.g. for high temperatures) and individual solutions were created relevant to the operations of different industries. Consultation and services are made available by our headquarter-world-wide selling partner. Competent and personal consultation is at the centre of our attention. Whether you need an individual solution or you have a special problem - with us, you receive a product that fulfills your needs.

Who we are

Döscher & Döscher is led by managing directors Claas Döscher and Jörn Döscher.
Claas Döscher holds a diploma and PhD in engineering. After graduating from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, he worked as a sales engineer for industrial moisture measurement systems before founding Döscher & Döscher in 1994. He is the technical manager.
Jörn Döscher graduated from the University of Hamburg in 1993 with a diploma in economic engineering. He has several years' experience in industrial engineering and process control. His responsibility is commercial management.

Technology Transfer Award for microwave expert Reinhard Knöchel of the University of Kiel

Prof. Reinhard Knöchel, research partner of Döscher & Döscher who holds the chair for high-frequency engineering at the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel won this award of 10.000 Euro for his achievements in the practical application of research findings.
In 2001, Reinhard Knöchel, Claas Döscher and Jörn Döscher founded the company AMS which develops and produces the measuring systems sold by Döscher & Döscher. Among Knöchel's more than 50 patents and patent-pending developments is the moisture measuring system MoistureScan.
This dialogue between research and application has enabled important progress in microwave-based moisture and density measurement technology. Experience in application and contact with customers, along with Knöchel's 20-years' research experience in microwave sensor technology, constitute the basis on which measurement systems are developed. These systems meet the requirements of both customers and state-of-the-art technology.

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