Density measurement after the Coffee mill

When packaging ground coffee into given packing units the bulk density of the coffee is of crucial importance.

If the bulk density is too small, the e.g. 500 gr. does not fit into the packing. The coffee powder can turn out into the welding seam of the packing and sealing of the package isn´t possible or vaccum of package doesn´t last. These malfunctions can be prevented with the DensityGuard. Changes of the bulk density can be dectected immediately and the comparator of the mill can be adjusted without time delay. This measuring system used at large coffee distillery in Berlin is particularly interesting when starting the mill. The attitudes of the mill, like gap width etc., can be supervised faster and be adapted thus to the new conditions. The time delay due to manual grinding and measuring the bulkdensity will be avoided.

Realised with DensityGuard


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