Moisture measurement behind the veneer dryer

Dependent on the original situation of the veneer sheet in the wood trunk, veneers exhibit different moisture. The resultant is different moistures of the product before entering the dryer. A constant output of dampness is, however, immensely important. Otherwise, there is increased probability of glue tension within plywood panels due to differing moistures in individual veneer sheets. This can lead to increased committee and customer complaints. The MoistureScan measures the water content in the veneer sheet within fractions of one second. Changes of the surface texture (branch holes and other defects), the color (colouring of the wood) or the mineral material content (different salt content) have thereby no influence on the measuring accuracy. Over a number of measurements, which can be freely defined, the measuring system determines a sliding average value, which is handed over as similar voltage level to a following evaluation with the help of a measuring mark of approximately 10 cm diameter. With this immediate signal, the passage speed of the veneers can then be regulated by the dryer.

Realised with MoistureScan

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