Moisture Measurement especially for Wood and Panels

The analysis of wood- and panel boards has now become much easier.

By use of the measuring system, MoistureGuard, one can now determine the moisture in wood panels within seconds.
The MoistureGuard replaces the time- and labour-intensive determinations in a drying oven.
The moisture in various types of boards is quickly and accurately established. The speed of the analysis promotes the reduction of reject and return costs.
During the development of the MoistureGuard, particular standards were set for operator convenience. The system is thus particularly suitable for use in process.

The MoistureGuard determines the moisture content of the whole sample measuring both surface and core moisture without preparation of the sample.

Variations of MoistureGuard

  • MoistureGuard
    This system is suitable for samples of sizes up to 100 x 100mm. The sample is placed on the MoistureGuard and the measurement is started. Within seconds, the exact measurement is available.

  • MoistureGuard 2
    This equipment is suitable for samples of sizes 50 x 50mm.



MoistureGuard 2

MoistureGuard II
MoistureGuard 2

Product Samples

50x50 Samples
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