Bioenergy Insight September / October 2017 *25

Our North American representative explain precision in online moisture measurement for the wood pellet manufacturing process.

Please see pages 28 - 29.

Bioenergy Insight September / October 2017 • 25 - S. 28 - 29

Use of a novel multi-frequency microwave sensor for Inline moisture monitoring in fluidized bed granulation

In this study a novel multi-frequency microwave resonance sensor was developed to investigate and overcome difficulties in inline moisture monitoring in fluidized-bed granulation.

Johanna Peters, Kathrin Bartscher, Claas Döscher, Wolfgang Taute, Michael Höft, Reinhard Knöchel, Jörg Breitkreutz

AAPS Annual Meeting – Orlando – 25th to 29th October, 2015
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Döscher & Döscher feiert Jubiläum

Erfolgsgeschichte aus dem Bereich der Feuchte- und Flächengewichtsmessung...

[Holzzentralblatt 09.05.2014]

Holzkurier 28 | 2012

Big effect in a small device - 100 moisture measurements on 50-cm lamellas.  Moisture measurement is an important topic in the wood flooring industry. Moisture values of between 6-8% should be maintained both for gluing and for the glueless installation of parquet floors  ...

[HOLZKURIER, S.12, 28 | 2012]

SiloWorld 1 | 2010

New products, optimum moisture measurement - Döscher & Döscher at PowTech.

At PowTech Döscher & Döscher GmbH present new solutions for density-independent moisture measurement of powders and granules in fluidised beds.

[SiloWorld, S.26, 1 | 2010]

Bioenergy 1 | 2010

A moisture control system for wood pellet production - Good return on invest

For a year now, one of Scandinavia’s largest bioenergy company, Neova AB, has been using the MoistureScan density-independent microwavebased moisture measurement system from Döscher & Döscher GmbH, Germany, to measure the moisture in the raw product.

[Roger Norman [Neova AB], Rainer Otto [Döscher & Döscher GmbH], The Bioenergy international, Issue 1, Page. 43, 2010]

BULK, Solids & Liquids Processing en handling 09 | 2008

DOSCO - our Dutch representative office abroad - is introducing inline moisture measurement systems to the Dutch market ...

Our Dutch sales partner Dosco Sales & engineering BV compares the moisture measurement systems with NIR.

[Artikel in BULK, Solids & Liquids Processing en handling, September 2008, S.32-33]

MDF Magazin 10 | 2007

Optimising moisture control in MDF manufacturing - The measure of all things ...

A MDF factory in the United Kingdom was not satisfied with the moisture content of its fibres – despite using a measurement system. The task consisted of establishing moisture measurement in a plant producing a wide variety of products, with the aim of optimum refiner start-up and ensuring stable fibre moisture. Because the existing measurement system did not fulfil these criteria...

[Georg Börste, ehemaliger Produktionsleiter des Kronospan-MDF-Werkes in Chirk [MDF-Magazin, 10/2007, S.78-79]

Feed Compounder 3 | 2007

A MOISTURE CONTROL SYSTEM for Animal Feed Production

AT LAST! A moisture control system for animal feed production that really works and delivers a good return on investment. If you were to ask feed mill managers what aspect of their process causes them the most frustration and was the most difficult to control what would the answer be? We have asked and the answer from a sizeable majority of managers was their inability to consistently control finished product moisture effectively. So what are the problems?

[Feed Compounder, March 2007, S.26-27]

Measurement Science and Technology 18

IOP Publishing - Stray field ring resonators and a novel trough guide resonator for precise microwave moisture and density measurements

Abstract: The paper first describes the design and construction of two different kinds of quasi-planar stray field ring resonators for microwave moisture and density measurements, which are typical for the state of the art, and then the practical performance of such sensors....

[Measurement Science and Technology; 18, S.1061-68]

Holzkurier 46 | 2006 ; Sonderthema Holztrocknung

Everything under control - Contactless moisture measurement


Whether for residual moisture verification of high-quality lamellas in wooden flooring production or moisture measurement in timber boards or solid wood components up to a thickness of 50 mm Döscher & Döscher offers the timber industry powerful technical solutions for both challenges with its models VenScan and VenScan XL...

[Sonderthema Holztrocknung; Holzkurier 2006, Woche 46, S.24]

GIT Laborfachzeitschrift 7 | 2006

Moisture and density measurement - Precise and non-destructive testing in real time to control processes.

Microwaves penetrate the material being measured, thus avoiding measurement errors due to surface effects. And very little disturbance is caused by the ionic conductivity produced by high frequencies. Therefore, the core moisture of the material is measured with high precision and speed with microwave resonators. Another advantage is that their design can be adapted to the conditions of a process.

[GIT Laborfachzeitschrift 2006, Nr.7, S.2-4]

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