GrammageScan is an innovative system for in-process grammage measurement of web products, such as impregnated paper, textiles, or films. It was developed specially for these applications. The system is integrated at a suitable point in the production process. Fitted with an automatic traversing unit, the sensor reliably finds the edge of the product even when product widths vary, where it measures the grammage at predefined intervals. If required (change of product), the measuring head can be fully retracted from the production process. This permits unhindered access to the production equipment.

 The advantages at a glance:

  • Microwave-based grammage measurement
  • Grammage measurement up to a thickness of 10 mm
  • Integrated verification of the grammage of web products from the first to the last meter
  • 4-20 mA output signals for further processing in the plant controllers

GrammageScan XS

The basis weight and moisture-measuring system GrammageScan LMS XS by Döscher Microwave Systems industry has proved itself over years in industrial foil production lines.

To apply this exact, reliable and fast messure technic in way smaller productions, we had to minimize the linear motion unit and the sensor. We created the fivefold smaller GrammageScan LMS XS.

The sensor, running on a two parameter microwave resonance technology, drives with a linear unit over the production line. It identifies automaticly the boarder of the paperline and stopps to begin with the measurement. In regularly intervals it moves out of the paperline to refresh the zero measurement without any products between to ensure a sustainable precision.

If the paperline breaks the sensor automaticly moves back to the parkingposition immediately.

The measuring system is constructed to work 24/7.


GrammageScan XS

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