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New brochure - Measuring systems at a glance

The new information brochure about online moisture measurement and density determination is now available:

Moisture measurement with the TriScan measuring system

The system permits moisture and grammage measurement at three positions on large-surface boards.

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Döscher Microwave Systems - Experts in Microwave Measurement Technology

Individual solutions for exact and reliable moisture measurement and density determination both in the laboratory or inline in the production process.

Wood, engineered wood, paper, food, animal feed, our innovative 2 PMR-Microwave Technology permits fast and precise measurements of the moisture content and density. Robust and ware-free, our measurement systems  are suitable for the requirements of industrial production.

Customer service is especially important. We develop solutions that are adapted to your requirements and our after sales support helps to keep the systems running over years.


  • Density independent
  • Core and surface moisture content
  • Precise
  • Fast
  • Long time stable
  • Temperature compensated
  • Free from ware
  • Colour independent
  • Low maintenance
  • Without X-Ray
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