Moisture measurement in the production of wood-pellets

World wide pellet production increases. For controlling the production process MoistureScan Systems are used which measure the moisture of the saw dust and wood shavings at various steps of the production process. Measuring points are at the outlet of the drum dryer, the outlet screw conveyor of the mixing vessel and the distributor screw before the pellet press. The measuring instruments are to be mounted on the external wall of the screw or conveyer system without disturbing the product flow. Small color fluctuations as well as the different particle size of the wood particles do not affect the measurement due to the color and size independence of the MoistureScan technology. Thus a very exact and long-term-stable measurement is ensured. The measuring instruments gather both surface and core moisture of the saw dust utilizing microwaves that penetrate the product completely.

Realised with MoistureScan

Download Application: Wood-Pellets.pdf

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