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Use of a novel multi-frequency microwave sensor for Inline moisture monitoring in fluidized bed granulation



In this study a novel multi-frequency microwave resonance sensor was developed to investigate and overcome difficulties in inline moisture monitoring in fluidized-bed granulation.

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New VenScan XXL for massive wood available now

VenScan XXL, a moisture and density scanner for massive wood and construction timber is now available.
The wide gap allows density independent measurement of moisture and grammage in boards and planks up to 100mm thickness.
It will be available in autumn 2015.
For more information call +49 40 879 76 77-0 or write to

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First VenScan LMS XS deliveries

The first VenScan LMS XS systems presented at LIGNA 2015, have been delivered.

The system is specialised for the moisture and grammage measurement in the production of paper, foils and impregnated paper.

For more information call +49 40 879 76 77-0 or write to

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1/1/2015: New Döscher & Döscher Microwave Systems GmbH

1.1.2015 New: Doescher & Doescher GmbH and  AMS Advanced Microwave Systems GmbH merge into DÖSCHER MICROWAVE SYSTEMS GMBH

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NEW: VenScan XXL available now

Automated Moisture Measurement of Solid Wood

VenScan XXL measures the moisture in solid wood including timber board, solid-wood parquet and veneers up to a thickness of 100mm.

It can be flexibly integrated into the production process, where it continuously measures the water content of the product. The measurement system consists of a gap sensor, connection cabinet and terminal. The product to be measured is guided contactlessly through the measurement gap.

The Benefits to You at a Glance

  • The measurement system is independent of product thickness and density
  • The water content parameter is continuously monitored
  • This information is relayed to production continuously and immediately

Field of Application

  • Wood
  • Timber board
  • Solid-wood flooring
  • Veneer
  • up to a thickness of 100 mm
  • contactless
  • Product temperature range: 0-70°C


The basis weight and moisture-measuring system VenScan LMS by Döscher Microwave Systems industry has proved itself over years in industrial foil production lines.

To apply this exact, reliable and fast messure technic in way smaller productions, we had to minimize the linear motion unit and the sensor. We created the fivefold smaller VenScan LMS XS.

The sensor, running on a two parameter microwave resonance technology, drives with a linear unit over the production line. It identifies automaticly the boarder of the paperline and stopps to begin with the measurement. In regularly intervals it moves out of the paperline to refresh the zero measurement without any products between to ensure a sustainable precision.

If the paperline breaks the sensor automaticly moves back to the parkingposition immediately.

The measuring system is constructed to work 24/7.


  • Density independent
  • Core and surface moisture content
  • Precise
  • Fast
  • Long time stable
  • Temperature compensated
  • Free from ware
  • Colour independent
  • Low maintenance
  • Without X-Ray
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